Why is a giant sculpture of Elon Musk on a goat being paraded in Texas?

Why is a giant sculpture of Elon Musk on a goat being paraded in Texas?

Elon Musk has remained in the news cycle since he took over Twitter, be it for laying off staff, firing top executives of the company, or holding a poll for reinstating former US president Donald Trump’s handle on the bird app.

Once again, Musk is making headlines but not for something he did. The owners of a cryptocurrency firm called Elon Goat Token ($EGT), who describe themselves as ‘massive Elon fans’, have come up with a giant sculpture of the billionaire’s face, reports newspaper Austin American-Statesman.

The company plans to deliver this ‘monument’ to Musk in Texas’ capital Austin in USA on Saturday (26 November).

What is the sculpture and why has it been constructed? What is Elon Goat Token? Let’s take a closer look.

‘GOAT’ Elon Musk

The statue with Musk’s face shows his head on the body of a goat that is wearing a Dogecoin necklace and riding a rocket.

According to Austin American-Statesman report, the monument, which costs $600,000, is built on the back of a semi-trailer and is over 30 feet long and 20 feet tall.

Musk’s head alone is about six feet tall.

The statue also showcases simulated rocket fire, smoke, lasers, concert lighting and music, the report adds.

Why is a giant sculpture of Elon Musk on a goat being paraded in Texas

The sculpture intends to give out the message that Elon Musk is the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT). Twitter/@bull_bnb

“Elon GOAT Token has really stepped outside the box and did something no other crypto project has dared to do,” proclaims the company’s official website.

The structure – designed by Danny Wang and built by Canada-based metal sculptors Kevin Stone and Michelle Stone – took “around nine months” to finish, reports Interesting Engineering (IE).

“Danny Wang is the designer. Spectacle works in Phoenix built the rocket and goat,” $EGT told IE.

“Kevin Stone made the actual Elon head in British Columbia, Canada,” the company added.

The base of Musk’s head is built of foam that was later covered with a similar material used to line truck beds, as per IE.

The IE report also said that the bust was then covered in high-heat aluminum tape and aluminum octagons were then attached to it before they were welded together.

Why have Elon Musk’s ‘super fans’ created his sculpture?

As per the $EGT website, they have created the sculpture to pay tribute to the Tesla CEO’s many “accomplishments and commitment to cryptocurrency”.

The firm also aims to gain the limelight through Musk’s “potential acceptance of this biblical-sized gift”, says the website.

“Most people thought we would never do it, but after one year of building, the time has come to bring it home to Elon. Really we just want to meet the guy and give it to him. After all, he is the most innovative human alive, hence the GOAT – Greatest Of All Time,” $EGT had said in a statement earlier, as per Interesting Engineering.

Richard Latimer, a co-founder of $EGT, told Austin American-Statesman about the idea behind the giant sculpture.

“We dedicated the statue to (Elon Musk) because he stepped in for crypto at a good point and blew everything up. With everything he has done with (cryptocurrencies) Doge and Baby Doge and a few other coins, we decided why not do the same thing, but really go out there and go above and beyond and to bring something to him,” Latimer told the newspaper.

On where they got the money for this sculpture, the company’s founders told Austin American-Statesman that it was mostly through fees on cryptocurrency transactions and funding received from members of the cryptocurrency community.

Since its completion, the sculpture has toured several states in the US.

Plans for the bust

Before gifting the sculpture to SpaceX’s co-founder, the company will host ‘GOATSgiving’, a gathering of the fans of Musk and cryptocurrency.

After the event, the structure will be taken to Tesla headquarters in Austin.

Ashley Sansalone, a co-founder of the crypto firm, told the Austin American-Statesman, “We’re going to deliver it to Elon on the 26th and just hope he takes it.”

Musk is yet to comment about the statue or whether he will accept the gift.

Sansalone said his firm has not communicated with Musk, adding that “in a perfect world” he would meet him and his other team members.

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Cryptocurrency and Elon Goat Token

A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that is meant to be an alternate method of payment.

Based on the Shiba Inu meme, Dogecoin which is often promoted by Musk is also a type of cryptocurrency.

This team behind Elon Goat Token offers a “platform for cryptocurrency users to list their own tokens and cryptocurrency”, as per Austin American-Statesman.

The founders of $EGT also have the ‘Elon GOAT Club’, a non-fungible token (NFT) collection. Their goat-themed NFTs can be collected, bought, and sold, reports the newspaper.

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